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We're your


"I don't like teaching, but I love making learning happen"


"Language is a tool, not an end in itself."


"Their questions make you speak and think at the same time."

Aga Kukla Aga Kukla Manager
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Great questions, huge talking time and easy-going atmosphere 😀

Feel good during, after and before the next meeting.

A Lot of Speaking

Our classes are based on clever questions and nothing more - they rediscover the essence of good education.

No Theory

We've squashed grammar to let your language grow organically through practice.

Imagination and Intellect

Our questions will keep your imagination alight and your intellect nourished.

"These conversations stimulate the brain and encourage creative thinking."

Aga Kukla Zosia Music teacher
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Easy-going Atmosphere.

It's easy to feel good, welcome and safe in our classes.

English for adults

The Right Mindset

80% of the progress in languages is psychology. Your self-esteem is as important as your vocab.

English on your smartphone, tablet and pc

Privacy Intact

We don't ask personal questions.

useful English

Be Yourself

Be proud of your origin and your accent. We are internationals and we speak global English.

English Conversations for adult learners

We're In It Together

There are no incorrect answers to our questions. We search for them together.

"These classes would be valuable even in my native language!"

Aga Kukla Mariusz Twardowski Coder
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100% Online.

Our classes happen online and they're flexible and adaptable like the Internet itself.

Any Device

Join from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone - our classes are successful on any device and from anywhere.

Flexible Hours

Learn as often as you like at the time which is most convenient for you. No late cancellation policy and your pass will never expire.

Short-term Commitments

We sell our classes individually or in packages of eight. Let the only thing that binds us be your satisfaction.

"Such good classes are hard to find."

Aga Kukla Aga Rok Entrepreneur
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